Divided in 5 castes, 200 people have been living underground for 500 years.

The Game

One old factory hall,
3000 sqm,
200 participants

divided in five castes of a society, ranging from utopia to dystopia.

For every birth, there must be a death. For every promotion, there must be a degradation. For deep underground, where the society sheltered after the destruction of the earth's surface, everything is limited: food, water, space and energy.
Only the A.I., which everyone can communicate with via terminals, knows how many supplies are left. And a computer never lies.

"Inside" is a Real Life Experience of a static society, which has been living underground for almost 500 years.
The scenario presents an alternative time line in which weapons of mass destruction have made the surface of the Earth become uninhabitable.

The society is divided in five castes with different areas of responsibility. It is designed to be static, nothing should, nothing must change. Issues of this kind of society, like retention of power, individual freedom and individualism, the conflict between rationalism and personal connections and much more will be part of the game concept.

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To keep the immersion in the world unbroken, every participant gets everything, from the uniformed overalls to the toothbrush. We offer you different levels of game intensity, so that everyone can find a suitable place within the game.


For some time past, technology downtimes have been becoming more frequent. In the worker caste, a general unrest has broken out. Scripts which have to be hidden from the red caste are making the rounds underhand. The society is in transition.


SILO - (Hugh Howey)
City of Ember - (Jeanne DuPrau)
FALLOUT - (Bethesda Game Studios)
Brave New World - (Aldous Huxley)
Paranoia P&P - (West End Games)
1984 - (George Orwell)

More details about our Setting will be published here for the next few weeks.

This includes a detailed description of the world inside the earth, a description of the social system and the society with typical daily routines

A few numbers about the game

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    artificial intelligence

Game information

What is a Real Life Experience?

You can read a book and live the story in your mind.

You can go to the cinema, and experience the story with your eyes and ears.

Or you can participate in a Real Life Experience and be right in the middle of it.

A Real Life Experience is an event inspired by role-playing games, with a focus on the immersion in the fictional world and appropriate equipment. In contrast to traditional role playing, the participants can choose the basic role concept and the level of game intensity they want to play right at the registration.

A Real Life Experience is the extension of a huge improvisation theatre: You do not just play for the audience but also for yourself. Everyone is both actor and audience at any given time. That does not mean that you need to be a great actor, the focus of the game is the joy of experiencing another world.


All players can set their own priorities. You can put on a show, you can experience the world rather passively for yourself, or you can go exploring and look for quests to tackle. The variety of different play styles is what makes the world authentic.


By interacting with each other and unlocking the predefined potential of the setting, the participants develop together one big story and hundreds of little stories (which are just as exciting).
The players decide for themselves how far they want to make use of the possibilities.

Citizen: Remember!

Play type

How do you want to experience our game?

In the registration process, you can choose how you want to experience the game. Depending on what you say, you'll get more or less game and character suggestions that you can incorporate into your game. These include, for example, the goals of your character, weaknesses of your character, values ​​and beliefs, and the like.

Here are the different play types you can choose from.

Participants are part of the game-world and part of the story. They accomplish tasks within the society and experience its structure. They don’t have to be an active part of the game. If you like, you can just lay back and enjoy the play of the others.

Game intensity


For beginners

Protagonists dive deeply into the game world and thrive in participating in the big and the small stories. The protagonist identifies with his character thoroughly. He is independent and makes decisions autonomously. His actions will influence and further the dramaturgical structure of the big and small stories a lot.

Game intensity


For roleplayers

The antagonist is the opposition for the protagonists to the point of becoming a villain in the story/stories. The roleplayer behind the character shapes his play responsibly and cautiously. His play is designed to offend, provoke conflict, and be dislikable. The focus of the antagonist should never be his own play, but the play of the others with which he lies in conflict.

Game intensity


For experienced Larpers and Roleplayers.

Watchers act mostly from the back seat and take on the role of an observer. Nevertheless, you might well have the highest adrenalin level during the course of the game. While you are pondering which act of stupidity your protectee is going to commit next, you will have to decide on the spot whether to proof or ignore your loyalties.

Game intensity


For tough players

The initiator puts the play of the others above his own experience to further the story. He is able to think dramaturgically and act accordingly. Initiators will get special tasks to push the game into a new direction.

Game intensity


For very experienced Larper or game masters

Jumper do not immerse themselves into the game world completely. They ‘jump’ into several characters for a short amount of time and think of themselves more as actors who want to give a good show and give everything for a few hours before disappearing from the game again.

Game intensity


For Larper and theater players

the Game

The Castes

Life underground takes place in five castes, each of which performs a different social task. They work together and against each other. They control each other and look suspiciously or benevolently on what the others are allowed to do - and what they must do.

Which caste is right for you? Find out!

  • - Administration -

    Without us, you will all die!

    The Administrative caste contains the judicative and legislative branch as well as all the other administrative aspects of the society. It has full arbitration, is responsible for the maintenance of the complex and has the final say in questions of judicature.

    Citizen Orange – A3:167 of the Worker caste has voiced critical amounts of philosophical and creative thought processes, which could endanger the societal structure at its core – let us task him with pulling a certain ‘important’ lever in a remote part of the complex, to keep him busy, so as to not give him the time to spread this ideas.
    Citizen Turquoise – B2c144 of the Sociality caste has shown similar signs. Maybe he should spend more time with Citizen White – C3a:187 of the Provider caste, who is loyal and should manage to lead him back to the right path…

    Section B17.4.3 has experienced technical difficulties: Orange – A:14, Orange – B:20, Orange –C:16, please move to conference room X.C.4.

    As a player of the Administrative caste, you have a lot of control over the game and have authority over the Executive caste.

    Your focus is on maintaining the security and prosperity of the society as a whole … and maybe a little bit maintaining your own power status, as well.

    The possibilities for play within this caste are manifold, all united by a willingness to show initiative. You should thrive in being seen as the opposition or even an enemy at times by making unpopular decisions. The caste allows for a lot of proactive liberty and the possibility to make game relevant decisions. As always: With great power comes great responsibility, especially with regard to the players of other castes.

    You are right for the job if you:

    - have fun being proactive and showing initiative
    - would like to look at a society ‘from above’ and guide its course
    - don’t have a problem with your character's failure in case something doesn’t go as planned
    - thrive on integrating others into your play

  • - Provider -

    Without us, you would all starve.

    The Provider caste is responsible for the physical well-being of the citizens.
    Depending on the area of responsibility, you can expect medical play, evaluations, counseling, token distribution and resource management.
    As player of the Provider caste, you have the opportunity of integrating other players into your play at all times.

    Citizen Orange A1c:199 move to medical checkup, please, Citizen Red B3d:201 respond to evaluation in room C.G.4….. and you, you’ll follow me.

    This opportunity can be used in many ways: A loving, caring character will use it to further the well-being of individuals. A more sinister character has… other opportunities.

    As distributor of resources, it is possible for you to hand out extra tokens, if you think someone needs it. Vice versa you can withhold tokens from others if you don’t like the look on their face. The Providers are indispensable for the structure of the game and the authenticity of the world. They often work in teams and depending on their field of duty they have strong connections to the Adminitration and Sociality castes. You can push other players, influence their play and enjoy a certain freedom of action. You’ll get information about players that others do not know.
    As always, if one knows more than others or is allowed to influence other people’s play, a certain grade of responsibility and care is necessary.

    This caste is perfect for you if you:

    - like to interact with others to further the collective good
    - have an open eye and ear for your fellow citizens
    - like to take care of others and want to be the good soul of the society
    - like to do the opposite of that, by abusing this caretaker position

  • - Security -

    Without us, you would all kill each other.

    The Security is reponsible for safety and order within the society. They execute the orders of the administration. In cases of minor offenses, they dispense judgment immediately on an ad hoc basis, major offenses are remitted to administration. They are also responsible for blocking of areas and other safety measures.

    Players of the Security caste participate everywhere: From operator protection for high ranking members of the administration to patrols of the play area. If something happens, you are informed immediately and are guaranteed the adrenaline rush of knowing you will be the one who has to act. Your caste is structured in a strict hierarchy and your character has to act under orders only - at least as long as he deems it reasonable and is ready to accept the consequences.

    Players of the Security caste rarely stand in the spotlight. They are under a lot of pressure, however. For security players it is therefore of benefit to be able to think clearly even if under stress. While you are pondering which act of stupidity your protectee is going to commit next, you will have to decide on the spot whether to proof or ignore your loyalties. This can lead to taxing and even game changing decisions and situations (e.g. if two superiors give contradicting orders - or the order to kill the respective other - you are the one tipping the scales).
    Whoever chooses this kind of play should be physically fit and not willing to circumvent a trip to the gym. As a player of this caste you are integrated into a hierarchical structure and both subordinate and superior to other members of the caste.

    You are right within this caste if you:

    - don't have to be in the spotlight all of the time
    - like to execute orders instead of coming up with them on your own
    - like to get information from every part of the game
    - want to become the one who makes game changing decisions, holding the game as a whole in your hands in this moment

  • - Sociality -

    Without us, you would all kill yourself.

    The Sociality caste is responsible for the psychological well-being of the society. Only if every citizen is happy, the society as a whole can function.

    Citizen White B1a:132 is allowed to relax in ‚The Garden‘, because he has been very tense lately. Security seems to have had some stress as of late – how about a little dancing event with music?
    Something strange happened in the basement, wouldn’t it be interesting to... "Oh look, Citizen Red A1:34, we were just talking about the game of cards last night. You think this was gambling? Oh no, we would never do such a thing!"

    Depending on your area of responsibility, you can be active in several fields. You can let your creative juices flow by organizing little ‘events’ or get together with likeminded people to engage in music, dance, art (within the margin of the spare resources in our society) or poetry.
    You might as well endeavor to ponder philosophical questions. Asking the big questions like “Why” – and thereby drive the administration mad.
    The sparse knowledge of the past of society is managed by the Sociality caste and rumor has it that Sociality even has access to knowledge even the administration is not aware of...

    This caste is right for you if you:

    - like to think creatively in one form or another; this can be an artistic talent, the capability of asking ‘why’, creative problem solving or the ability to thing ‘outside of the box’
    - don’t have a problem with offending others or facing conflicts with other characters
    - do not give way under the pressure of your superiors
    - like to know more than others
    - are prone to a certain amount of self-mockery
    - are of a curious nature

  • - Worker -

    Without us life here is impossible.

    The Worker caste is responsible for managing all kinds of work: Rearrangement of tables, wiring of computer terminals, managing the life support systems of the bunker etc. They make the life underground possible while at the same time having next to no say in any matter.

    As a player of the Worker caste, you represent the lowest level of society. Your superiors do not even recognize or acknowledge you. You are always there, always working and never noticed.
    This gives you the opportunity to be involved everywhere and pull the strings. Nobody will ask questions if you show up in the administration quarters to check on the A.I. terminals, even if there is no direct order to do so (albeit IF anyone checks for such an order, that means trouble, of course ;))

    As little recognition as you will get, without you nothing works. Without you the whole structure will collapse and stop working. You know how to operate the computer terminals and how to convince the A.I. to relinquish information others have no access to. You know how the generator works and how it is maintained. Of course you also know how to make things not work anymore.
    Therefore you have multiple courses of action with a huge potential to trigger dramaturgical events and influence and change the game as a whole.

    As player of the Worker caste, you will experience a strong sense of community with your fellow workers. The lower classes stick together, as they say, especially against the authorities. There might be the one or the other rotten egg in your caste, but in total your honest work is the glue that holds all of you together.
    Not all of you might be bright, but that doesn’t make a difference. Human is human. You are not interested in power or useless palaver. Instead you get the work done, because you know that every one of your moves is indispensable for the life of everyone.

    You are right for this caste if you:

    - like to show initiative
    - are not afraid of play surrounding conflict and status
    - like to be the one initiating the big and the small stories
    - want to exercise moral courage

"What you are depends on three factors:

what you've inherited, what your surroundings have done to you, and what you've chosen to do with your surroundings and your inheritance."
- Aldous Huxley

General information

General information about our event.

Location: Zentralwerkstatt Zeche Lohberg

Address: Hünxer Str., 46539 Dinslaken - Germany

The place of the event is an old factory hall, which is the optimal location for our setting. To make the world as realistic as possible, we will design the accomodation corresponding to the setting.
We will set up military camp beds in the hall as sleeping places. Of course, showers are available, but befitting the world, short periods of handwarm water are possible.


We will provide full board (food/drink).
Usually, the society subsists on vegetarian food, but on festivities there will be meat as a special contribution. In the morning, everyone receives tokens which can be exchanged for food and drink. The tokens can also be used for trading, gambling or whatever you are going to do with them.
(If you get hungry and don't have any tokens left, feel free to consult us anytime. Nobody should run around with an empty stomach. ;) )


We will provide you with a bunkerjumpsuit with color marking of your caste.
We won't be able to heat the factory hall. As the event takes places in October/November, bring along warm underwear and hot-water bottles if you are prone to be cold at night.
Some rooms are dusty, so bring shoes which can get dirty.

[ A.R.C. SysTec Console 77265.265 - MEMSTAT[c908154762736] - Timestamp: 16465824753 ]
Establishing system connection ............
System Connection established!
USER: T.B2c:361
PASS: ****
Successfully logged in!
Welcome, Citizen. What would you like to do? For an overview of all possible commands type: "/ help" or "?"
:> Access to known history
Processing request.......
Access rights are checked....
I understood: "Short historical overview". Thank you for your request. I am glad to offer the following information.

Game information

The Rules of the Game

The most important rule: Be fair. Try to use common sense and try not to destroy the play of the others.

Characters often act against each other, have conflicts or have their knives at each other’s throats… figuratively and literally.

Based on experience, everyone wants their actions and scenes to be successful.

Example: I want to manipulate a machine.
Instinctively I plan accordingly so as not to be caught doing that.

But: For storytelling purposes and the ‘thrill-factor’ it can be much more interesting to be caught in the act.
Often, it is much more exciting to fail or lose than to play to win and remain in power.

A hero that never struggles, can not shine. A movie that has no conflict or drama will not be watched till the end. Of course, willful failure needs the trust and cooperation of all people involved, which is why the first rule is so important. There will be a workshop connected to this with additional information.
Playing like this is not easy, but if the failure is successful, one is rewarded with scenes of grandiose proportions.


Guns will be given to those characters who will need them – and only those. Those will be nerf-guns and/or bobby pistols.
As hand-held weapons we use real-looking latex weapons: in the form of knives, swords or tools. These are soft foam weapons that look realistic but are safe.
Latex knives, wrenches, scalpels etc. should only be in the hands of those were it makes sense to have them. You will get additional information regarding that in your final info package. Only soft and save weapons are allowed at this event.


To decide whether a character lives or dies lies in the hands of the player of said character. Exceptions are only valid, if the cause of death was unmistakingly lethal to the character so that nothing could have been done to save him. When in doubt, the game masters will decide.

Stop! Or: I don’t want this!

Everyone is responsible for his well-being. If a scene gets to intense, it is the players responsibility to get out of the scene. Because looking at such a scene from the outside, it is difficult to tell whether it is the player or the character that suffers. There will be a safe word for those situations which will be communicated during the pre-game workshop.


do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

- Aldous Huxley

General Information

Further Information and Questions

In time for the beginning of the event, you will be send the final parts of information, such as the character description of the character you will play. The character will be based on the aspects you chose during registration and will be individually adapted to you. Those of you who are not interested in massive (role-)play and would like this to be more of an adventure, will be sent mainly background information. For those interested in the acting and the active play, this character information will be more complex and detailed. We would like you to read your character sheet carefully and memorize as much information as possible, to be able to (re-)act in-character according to your motifs and motivations. How that works will be made clearer in a pre-game workshop at the event-site.

After this workshop, that will focus mainly on the possibilities of the game and the game mechanics, the dramaturgical development process will start. Everyone is invited to participate in this process, to change its course and to twist it accordingly. There will be no shortage of ‘things to do’, but everyone is invited to not only occupy themselves but others as well. If you do not show a lot of initiative, you will experience an interesting world. If you DO show initiative, you can shape the world with your actions and will be able to take home an unique and augmentative experience.
After the experience ends, there will be debriefings within the different castes, in which your stories can be followed up individually.

Yes! Everyone is welcome to participate. The setting is structured in a way that everyone can jump in without any prior experience and we have had great hands-on experiences with First-Timers.

Everything will be handed out by us, from your costume to your toothbrush. Out of reasons of hygiene, it may be necessary to bring an own sleeping bag. But this will be announced punctually via email.
If you can play an instrument, we invite you wholeheartedly to bring it along. You can leave your piano at home, though, as there will be a player piano.

Basically: No.

Goal of a Real Life Experience is to make you forget about your day-to-day life, to immerse yourself into the world we created and to cut the connection to the real world for a few days.
All your personal stuff will be collected in the beginning of the game and stored securely. We would advise you not to bring anything of high personal or fiscal value, though.
Of course you will need to bring along things such as underwear, medicine etc.

We would advise you to only take your mobile phones with you for emergency situations, if you REALLY have to be able to be contacted (e.g: ‘sick grandmother’ or ‘young children at their babysitter’s’ NOT ‘my buddies want to know what’s up’ ;)) They will interrupt the game and destroy the immersive atmosphere. There will be a phone in the Orga-Area if you need to be contacted.

For some castes it will be useful to bring game-related props (such as a stethoscope, clipboard, toolbelt etc.). During the registration process you will be informed about the possibilities of your chosen caste. There will be a design guide for those utensils, which will be made available to you. You can bring additional game-related props but you don’t have to.

Yes, we will have a photographer on site. Because of the size of the project, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be photographed during the game. Because of that, the photographer will install a little photo studio so that everyone has the opportunity to take a picture of himself home.

Yes, you can. BUT drink responsibly. We want a conflict ridden game experience and for that you need a sober head! Because of the game mechanics (token system) of our game-society, alcohol will be handed out in restricted amounts, anyway (see setting).

Yes. The starting scenario will be identical in all three runs, but due to the different composition of attendants, every installment will turn out to be a completely different story. The outcome is completely open and the ending will be defined by the participants.
If you want to participate in more than one run, you will get a discount on your second (and third) ticket. The only limitation will be the caste of your choice. If you participate more than once, you will be assigned your caste instead of having the choice as before. This has game-mechanical reasons.

Unfortunately not. Not even if you are accompanied by a parent. Because of the anticipated topics we made the decision to only allow participants which are 18+.

Do you have any other questions?

"A conviction

that all people share has reality."

- Aristoteles

About us

the "Tales - Inside" Team

The team of "Tales - Inside" consists of an event engineer, an event manager, a designer and a legal practitioner.

Our goal is to offer an immersive world that brings the story to life. We want to offer a frame for extraordinary experiences, where one can become part of a unique story and have fun doing it.
Together with you, we want to create a space where you can experiment and where a strong sense of community is created, which in our experience - paradoxically - often works best through conflicts between the characters. We would like to facilitate this kind of teamplay, fairplay and reciprocal trust in the benevolence of others.

We are firmly convinced that nearly no other experience can be as intense and awesome as the experience of creating something that contains identification, creativity and proactivity.

In contrast to a play or a Murder Mystery Dinner, you are the actors, not mere audience or participants.
We believe in you. You are authors, actors, explorers, puzzle solvers and creative minds. We are excited to see what you will make out of the template we provide.

Armin Saß is a freelance 3D designer and a passionate roleplayer. He has been organizing his own events for five years, as a game designer he is also active for other organizers.

Game design
Game theory
Character design
Design and Media

Armin "Cyal" Saß

Larpwright - Game Designer

Jorina Havet studies law and is a trained event manager. For four years she has been involved in roleplaying games as an organizer and as a game designer.

Game design
Game theory
Character design
Writing and structure

Jorina Havet

Larpwright - Game Designer

Christiane Enger has been active in the role playing scene for 10 years, the successful LARP "Broken Crown" just being one of the many games she has been working on.

Team management

Christiane Enger

Event Manager

Hartmut Wächter is a trained event technician and event manager. In addition to his various other events, he is also involved in roleplaying games. At the "Drachenfest" LARP he is responsible for technical tasks and constructions.


Hartmut Wächter

Event Manager

"one is not deceived by one's senses,

but by one's judgement."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Your way into another world:

Because of the game design, there are limited places for each run in the individual castes and play types. If there is no room left in the desired caste or if the desired type of play is no longer available, contact us. We will find a solution.

Organizer and signatory of "Tales - Inside" is:
Event, Deko and more
Owner: Hartmut Wächter

+49 (176) 238 26 832
Bismarckstr. 66
47229 Duisburg